Baccarat is one of the oldest card games that you can play online wherever you are! The game is one of the best ones not only because it is super easy to learn and understand, it can also bring you really great winnings. It is suitable for both experienced fans of casino games and those who are just “starting” in the gambling world. Baccarat’s rules are simple, calculating the cards and the value of your hands is not difficult at all.



Baccarat is easy to learn. After placing bets, two hands of two cards are dealt – one hand to the “bank” (the dealer or “casino”) and one hand to the player. The object of the game is to score as close as possible to nine points with a maximum of three cards. The value of the cards is as follows:

  • Ace – 1
  • 2-9 – 2-9
  • 10 / jack / queen / king – 0


Only the second digit of the card number is taken into account if the value of the hand exceeds 9. For example, the hand 7 + 5 + 2 is equal to 14, which is equivalent to a score of 4.

Players can bet on one of three possible outcomes: the player wins (payout of equal money, ie 1 to 1), the bank wins (payout with odds of 1 to 1 minus a commission for example, a bet of 100 returns net 195) or draw (payout at odds of 8 to 1).

Rules for drawing cards

The hands in the baccarat run according to fixed rules.

For the player’s hand, they are the following:

  • If the player (or the bank) gets a score of 8 or 9 in his first two cards, this hand is “natural” and wins (or a draw if the opponent’s hand carries the same number of points). A new distribution follows. Natural 8 beats natural 8.
  • If the player’s first two cards are 1 to 5, the player must draw a third card.
  • If the player’s first two cards are 6 or 7, the player cannot draw a third card and the bank will draw from 0 to 5.



As mentioned, the main types of bets in the baccarat game are for the player’s hand, the banker’s hand or a draw. Player bets pay 1: 1, Banker bets 0.95: 1, depends on what commission is charged, and Draw bets pay 8: 1. Because the payouts are lower, many players prefer to place so-called side bets. They are not mandatory, but pay much better profits. Different types of side bets are available in the variants of different software developers. Some of the most popular are the perfect pair, one of the two pairs, P Bonus, B Bonus and others. With them the payouts reach 200: 1.


Baccarat is a card game in which players rely more on luck than skill. Therefore, there are not many strategies to guarantee you a secure profit. The most important thing is to learn the basic rules of the baccarat game, to emphasize  on practice and to learn to manage your bank properly.

One of the most popular strategies is the so-called 1-3-2-6 system. To implement it, you need to divide your total budget into several parts. According to this strategy, if your first bet is winning, you have to add one part to each subsequent one. Some players also use the strategy of betting only on a banker. However, it is not 100% effective, because in most cases a commission is deducted from a banker’s profit.

Attempts to compile a certain baccarat algorithm to predict the outcome of the distribution are made constantly. But in RNG baccarat, the results are determined by a Random Number Generator, and there are millions of possible combinations for each hand. In live baccarat, the cards are also shuffled by a machine and even the dealer has no influence on the development of the game. Therefore, drawing up a winning strategy remains a difficult task.



Baccarat is a great card game that is available both online and in land based casinos and is one of the favorite games of most casino players. The game relies mostly on luck, and strategies and tricks are meaningless.

Some online casinos offer bonuses for playing Baccarat and  the players have the opportunity to take advantage of other offers and promotions depending on the casino they have chosen.

Our opinion is that the game is not very risky and it offers a very good way to make serious money. Based on that you should definitely try your luck in a baccarat game.

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