Which is one of the most played table game of all time? Well, if you said roulette, you are absolutely right. And the European variation is what most of the players choose.

Red Tiger Gaming Roulette is known or their expertise in the casino gaming, with over 70 titles, both slot games and table games. This European roulette is what most of the people are searching for – great animations, fast betting, and useful features.



European Roulette is preferred from majority of novice players, because its simple. There is a wheel, divided by 37 sections. 0 in green, and 1-36 colored in red or black.

The game have a wheel with all of the numbers, and a ball which will spin around it, until it stop in one of the sections. There is also a table, where you can place your chips on desired numbers.

The main objective of the game, as you may guessed is to predict on which number the ball will land.

There are several types of bets to choose from. First one is on specific number, there are also split bets, which allows you to choose 2 neighbouring numbers, three numbers, six-line etc.

If you prefer lower risk, choose safe bets. You will get lower reward, even if you’re correct, but the chances are much higher than hitting one number.

The “safe” bets you can choose from are first, second and third dozen of numbers, red or black number, corner bets, even/odd bets or smaller(1-18) or bigger(19-36) numbers.



Paytable of the roulette is pretty easy to understand. Higher the risk, lower the winning – as simple as that.

So the lower risk bets as Odd or Even Numbers, Red or Black and Smaller or Bigger pays 1:1.

  • Dozens are 2:1;
  • Six numbers in a row (Six-Line0 – 5:1
  • Four numbers (Squad) – 8:1
  • Three numbers in a row – 11:1
  • Split Bet – 17:1

And the biggest payout goes for guessing single number – which is 35:1.

European Roulette by Red Tiger Gaming have one really useful feature, which will help you a lot – Table history. There you can find statistics on red and black numbers, even or odd and the last numbers on that table. The statistic you’ll see is enough to help you plan your next bet.

Red Tiger Gaming decided to not include bonus features to this game and leave it as clean as possible. And if you’re fan of a classic experience, this is the game for you.



A lot of people just love roulette, and especially European. Its really simple to play, which is good for newbies in the casino, but it also makes you feel like you’re in the middle of Las Vegas. Red Tiger Gaming did exceptional job working on this game, making it fun, simple and optimized for mobile devices.

As the only minus for someone could be the lack of bonus features, but there are several other titles on our website offering that, so you have a choice.


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