Gold Roulette is made by Wazdan – leading casino software developer. Unlike the other variations of Roulettes, this one is suitable for literally everyone – It have some optional bonus features, it have different speed mods and extra buttons to help you. So If you like to have some extra features, this game is very suitable for you. If you prefer classic play – well, every additional button is completely optional, so you can still play without them.



To start the game, you have to select the chips and place your bets. Then, use the Spin button to start the wheel. There are 36 numbers in red and black, and one 0 section. Your bets can vary a lot – you can choose single numbers, splits (two number), four numbers or even six to bet. There are also some more options such as even or odd numbers, dozens and bigger/smaller(1-18/19-36).

In gold roulette from wazdan, there is an additional layout named racetrack, copying the layout of the roulette wheel, which gives you more betting options – neighbour numbers,  multiple splits etc.



Gold Roulette have paytable, pretty similar to every other variation of the game, but with one difference – it pays more.

  • Black/Red; Smaller/ Bigger 18n and Odd/Even numbers pay 2:1
  • Dozens and Horizontal Columns – 3:1
  • 6 numbers – 6:1
  • 4 numbers – 9:1
  • 3 numbers 12:1
  • Split – 18:1
  • Single number – 36:1

Average Return to Player from the game is set around 97.3%, which is great.

There are also several options you can choose from to make your game more comfortable.

  • Fast Play – Normal, Fast or Ultra Fast Play modes, to make the wheel spin faster.
  • Last Bet – Place again the last bet you played.
  • Game History – There is a game history, which include statistics for the last numbers – if they are black or red, even or odd and many more. That will help you to plan your next bets more precisely.
  • Like some other variantions of the Roulette – there is a bonus feature included. It is named Gamble and it gives you a chance to double each win.

You can choose between red or black color and if you guess it right, you’ll double your last win. If your prediction is wrong – well, you lose it.

You can gamble a single reward more than one, also you can end it after every round.



Gold roulette from Wazdan is that kind of roulette which you just have to choose. Its fun, it have a lot of features, its fast and it have smooth animations. If you add the fact that you can play it on your smartphone too – that’s make it one of the best choices out there.

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