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Slots intro

slot-iconУAre you looking to play the best online selection of Slots games for free? You can play right now on our website with no registration and no installation required. Try out the best Slots games in demo mode to find your favorite. Get a feel for the greatest casino games right now!

Slots Variants

Of all the casino games out there, Slots probably has the most different variants.

If you’re not sure what your options are when it comes to playing Slots, check out your options for different game types here.

slot-machine 3 Reel Classic Slot Machines
  • Looking for a classic Slots experience online? Make sure to check out our selection of 3 reel classic slot machines.3 Reel Slot Machines are the simplest way to immerse yourself in Slots without the distraction of noisy side games or confusing multi-paylines.

    Why spend time learning a confusing slot machine when you could be winning on a 3 reel classic?

  • image

To get an idea of the probability behind Slots Machines, check out the following example:

  • - A 3 reel slot machine has 10 symbols on each reel. That gives you a 1 in 10 chance of landing on a particular symbol on a given reel. That works out to 10x10x10 or over 1,000 possible combinations.
  • - The other number to know is RTP% or Return to Player Percentages. The RTP figure shows how much a machine will return on average over a long period of performance.
  • - Consider a slot machine’s volatility. If you can accept a more volatile slot machine, you’ll need a bigger bankroll to do well on average.

Understanding the basics behind 3 reel slots allows you to move on to more complex machines.

icon 5 Reel Slot
  • There’s no doubt that 5 reel slot machines are one of the most iconic casino game types of all time.Watch as the five central reels spin and decide your destiny.

    One of the best reasons to opt for a five-reel title is so you can benefit from the additional paylines this game type offers.

    Ready to step up from a 3 reel starter game? 5 reel slots might just be the perfect category for you.

  • 5 reels slot

So what are some things to keep in mind when switching from a 5 reel to a 3 reel slot machine?

  • Complexity. Even the addition of just 2 more reels adds thousands of potential new combinations
  • Paylines. The extra 2 reels give a lot more scope for paylines and complex shapes.
  • Side games. 5 reel slots have a lot more scope for side games, bonuses, and other challenges

So what about other types of Slot Machines available online?

icon Progressive Slots
  • If you’re the type of player who prefers the potential for a huge win, be sure to check out our selection of progressive slots.

    Progressive slot machines work by boosting the jackpot amount every time a bet is placed.Often, progressive slots are linked together in large networks, making the maximum potential earnings truly impressive. Keep an eye on the main prizes increasing steadily, and jump in and place a bet when you feel luck is smiling down on you.

So what are the numbers behind progressive slots?

  • Seed value. How much does a progressive slots prize sum reset to after someone wins? This is the seed value or initial amount.
  • Positive expectation. When a progressive jackpot reaches a certain point, above the break-even point, there is an RTP of greater than 100%.
  • Online progressive slots. Many players see online progressive slots as preferable. Why? Online slots in general often have a higher RTP than their offline equivalent, and the number of machines available online prevent advantage players from dominating unfairly.
iconMobile Slots
  • You don’t need to miss out on your favourite Slots games just because you’re on the move! All the most exciting mobile slots titles can be played straight from your smartphone or tablet.

    There’s no need to compromise on quality. Simply open your favourite game you’ll quickly be enjoying an immersive experience with the best graphics and sound out there.

    Why not make your journey a chance to win big and try out mobile slots today?

  • mobile slot
icon Mega Spins Slots
  • For players looking to massively multiply your earnings, look no further than mega spins slots. Opting for a mega spin gives you a much better chance of winning something meaningful.

    Why settle for pennies when you could be next to win the big bucks?

    Mega spins slots titles are available in a variety of themes and styles, from cool and classy classics through to vibrant branded games. No matter which style of Slots you prefer, you could win big with a mega spin.

  • Mefaspins slot
  • If you’re looking forward to the sweet sound of Slots success, you can’t afford to ignore multipliers.

    There’s no need to settle on the single payout a normal Slots win might provide. 2x and 3x multipliers will have you doubling or tripling the amount you can enjoy, and it’s even possible to go as big as 100x.

    Slots multipliers can boost your winnings or your wager, so know what type of multiplier you’re looking for. Some games have both types.

  • Multiplier slot
iconMulti-Payline Slots
  • So what exactly is a payline on a Slots machine?

    Simply put, the combination of results that gives you a win is known as a payline.

    The easiest payline to picture is horizontal and has three or five matching symbols across its reels.

    As well as the classic slots paylines, games often include zigzags or other remixes on the tried and tested patterns.While an average game might feature around 30 paylines, the most-advanced options out there have up to 100 lines for you to win on.

  • bonus-bear-payline
iconJackpot Slots
  • A lot of Slots fans started out playing the machines by getting excited at the headline jackpot sum on the front of their local casino.

    Online jackpot slots take these ideas and run with it. No matter the time of day or night, you can see live jackpot amounts for your favourite big-money slots opportunities.

    People have struck it huge on Slots machines in the past. Multimillionaires have been created.Why let someone else take your turn?

  • icon

Find a favourite title and get the digital Slots action rolling. You might just be the next to strike it big. Now that you know everything needed to get started in the world of online slots, which game will you choose to master first?

iconCascading Slots
  • Cascading slots is a fun game variation on the classic concept which will be familiar to players of arcade games like Tetris.

    In cascading slots, when a winning combination of symbols takes place, the symbols explode and are removed from the game. The symbols that were above them then slide down the screen to take their place, a little like in the game Tetris.

  • icon
iconCluster Slots
  • Cluster slots is a variation of Slots first introduced by Net Ent but now found in game types from many different providers. Rather than requiring players to match a row or line of symbols, cluster slots games instead require players to match a group or cluster in order to win.

    This is a little more complex than a simple game of Slots.

  • Cluster slot
iconExpanding Reel Slots
  • An expanding reel slots game is a special type of Slots where players can unlock extra reels depending on what happens in the game.

    For example, the game might have four reels as standard. However, when you match a special combination of symbols, the game temporarily expands to offer five or six reels and more winning combinations as a result.

  • Expanding-Reel-slot
iconExpanding Wild Slots
  • While most Slots games usually only have a couple of sections where the symbol can be wild, Expanding Wild games take this idea and run with it.

    If you’re playing an expanding wild game of Slots, at any time more or less any symbol has the potential to become wild, making the game a lot more random and hard to predict. Sometimes, the expanding wild section only happens when players achieve a particular combination.

  • expangind-wild-slot
iconFree Spin Slots
  • For players looking to get the most possible action out of a game of Slots without having to stake their real funds every time, Free Spin Slots are the best choice of game.

    If you play a certain number of rounds, or unlock a special combination of symbols, the game might reward you with one or more free spins. Often, free spin games don’t feature the biggest payouts, so are a great choice for budget players.

  • free-spins-slot
iconGamble Slots
  • Gamble Slots combine the action of Slots with other types of casino betting. This adds a fun layer to the standard Slots games that gives players a chance to win in more than one way.

    For example, in a gamble slots game, you might be given a choice of cards. If your lucky card is drawn, your Slots winnings are multiplied. The complexity of gamble slots makes it a good choice for more advanced players.

  • gamble-slot
iconMystery Spin Slots
  • Mystery spin slots are advanced games for players who have a good understanding of Slots basics are are looking to spice things up with something a little bit more exciting and complicated.

    A mystery spin slots game makes use of a couple of interesting features. First, mystery spin slots will usually have at least six reels, adding a level of complexity over the more basic game types. Second, as well as the clear symbols, mystery spin usually uses some hidden and mysterious symbols to increase the number of winning combinations.

  • mystery-symbol-slot
iconRespin Slots
  • Respin slots games allow you to respin a certain reel to try and find the best combination of a winning symbol.

    This is a little bit like the nudge mechanism that is familiar to Slots players. Some game variants will give you a fixed number of respins, while others will allow you to respin when you trigger a certain winning combination or other event.

  • respin-slot
iconStacked Symbol Slots
  • A stacked symbol slot game is exactly as it sounds - rather than just having a single layer of symbols, you have a stack. Sometimes, this reels can be spun and respun so that players can line up different combinations of stacks in order to win big.

  • scatter-symbol

Slot Game Themes

Sometimes, as a Slots player, you will want a switch up from the type of Slots game you are playing.

Action Adventure
Cars Racing
Ancient Egypt
Board Games
Super heroes
Tv Movies

Try browsing our collections of Slots game by different themes. That way, no matter what mood you’re in, you can get a game with the right style for you.

Slot Game Rules

As you can see, there is a wide variety of different Slots games out there, each with their own unique rules and bets.

But what are the basic rules behind Slots on the whole? Is there a set of rules that can credibly be said to apply to most of the games?

If you’re looking for a basic understanding of how Slots works, these are the fundamentals.

  • Slots is played on the basis of Player VS machine rather than a dealer or any other players
  • Each round of Slots takes place when a player either pushes a button or pulls a lever to start the reels spinning
  • Before each round takes place, players choose how much they want to bet on that round of Slots
  • After the player initiates the round, the reels begin to spin until they come to a rest
  • Players win or lose on the basis of matching rows or groups of symbols on the spun reels
  • After each round, players either lose or are paid out depending on the rarity of the symbols they matched

Betting Tips for Slots Games

So what are some tips to be aware of? What are some of the ways you can make your slots betting experience as productive as possible?

  • Start simple. Start with a simple type of Slots game, such as a three-reel classic, until you get a feel for how it works and are ready to go more complex.
  • Progressive jackpots. Decide whether you want a progressive jackpot Slots game, which could be a good choice if you are thinking of having a long gaming session, or you want to keep it simple with a game that has more standard payouts
  • Know the odds. Check out the odds for any given Slots game so you can pick a machine which has the best chance of returning your money.
  • Higher returns. If you want the biggest possible returns, pick a game that uses higher denominations. These typically offer the best chance for players to win big.


3 Reel slots, 5 Reel Slots, Progressive Slots, Mobile Slots, Mega Spins Slots
Yes and no. All slots are programmed to pay out around 98-99% - some machines even have odds worse than that. You winnings depend on many factors, most of all from the house edge percentage.
The slot tournaments are similar to poker tournaments – you have to win more than what other players have won only using the amount of credits the online casino provides you with. There is a prize pool created from the buy-ins.
Absolutely. You can try the best slots at and also most of the online casinos let you play for free.