The Carribean Hold’em poker is the pirate themed version of the Texas Hold’em game. The game has kind of similar style to the original Texas Holdem but it has a few differences. In Carribean Holdem the player is against a dealer that is computer generated instead of playing against other players. The animations, the sounds and the overall feel of the game are very good which gives the chance for a smooth flow.


One of the big disadvantages of the game is that it is hard to find the RTP. The players cannot find it in the menu of the game. The best part of the game is the side bet – a progressive jackpot feature. The game is played with a single deck which automatically reshuffles once the round ends.



At the start of the game the players can place their bets. This can be done by clicking the chips on the table – this automatically set the chip on ante bet. If you want to remove the chip from the bet – all you have to do is to click over the coins stack. You can adjust the best and then click on the button Deal.

Once you are done with your bets the computer wil give you 2 cards – one for you and one for the computer dealer. 3 community cards will be drawn as well which both the player and the dealer can use to make winning combinations. Here you can decide if you would like to stop or continue playing. If you want to continue you must place the so called Call bet – it is worth two times the Ante bet you have already made. If you decide to stop – it will not cost you anything else except the money you bet so far.

If the dealer gets a pair of 4s, he continues to the next round. If he does not qualify it means the player wins. If both the player and the dealer continue further, the one with the stronger hand wins. Your wins are determined by the combination of cards you have as well as by the paytable.



The side bet here is a progressive jackpot which is an original bet – this mean you don’t have to play it if you choose not to. But this bet can’t be independently played. You have to make ante bet if you want to try your luck with the progressive jackpot.


The best payout comes if you defeat the computer by making a royal flush. If you get lucky, the game will reward you with a win of 100 to 1 – if you make a royal flush. The win of the main bet is decided after all 5 community cards are opened – which means there is even greater chance to win the jackpot.



If you are a fan of poker, then you will definitely like Caribbean poker version. The game is very easy to play once you learn the rules and offer an interesting side bet – the progressive jackpot. If you are luckw to get a royal flush you will be rewarded 100:1. The only thin which we thing is a disadvantage is the lack of any RTP info. Other than that, Caribbean Holdem has a nice gameplay and the potential payouts can be big.

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