Extra Bingo is an online game available in many casino sites. It is a version of the Wazdan’s Bingo game. You can choose up to 10 numbers. The RNG  determines the balls that will fall. You will win according to the ball you have guessed – the more you guess, the more you win. The total winnings can be up to 200,000 credits.



Extra Bingo is pretty easy to play. You can find the numbers 1 to 80 on the screen. When you click over a number it will change its color to orange. If you change your mind and decide to select another number you can again click over the number.

On the right side of the screen you will find the payout that you received for guessing from 4 to 10 correctly.

The game has the following buttons:

Spin – you can click over it to spin the drum of the bingo

Max Bet – with it you can select the maximum bet

Bet – choose the bet amount for the round. You can use the +/- sign to choose the number – 1 to 100.



Extra Bingo pays the following:

  • 10 numbers – 200x
  • 9 numbers – 100x
  • 8 numbers – 33x
  • 7 numbers – 8.50x
  • 6 numbers – 2x
  • 5 numbers – 0.30x
  • 4 numbers – 0.10x

As we mentioned, the payout can be seen at the right side in a column. If you bet 100 credits you will win 200000 credits if you guess ten numbers correctly. If you guess 4 numbers – you will win 100.



 Extra bingo bonus

If you happen to see the sign Extra, you have the chance to add 2 numbers to your combination. There are a few optinos:

To credit – you can collect you winnings

Spin – this button gives you one more spin.

 Gamble round and button

Gamble – click on this button if you want to risk and double what you have won.

Guess the colour of the card – youw winnings will be doubled.

½ button – you can see this button below the card, the colour of which you have to guess. Clicking this button will risk only half of your winnings.

Take – claim what you have won.



The game Extra Bingo is an easy game to play and is suitable for beginner casino players. It gives descent payouts and almost every round gives at least four winning options/ numbers. It has a few bonus features like the Gambling round and the extra bonus – both of these increase the chances for you to win.

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