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All of the top scratch card games are available to play for free here online on our website. You don’t need to use real money and you can play without the installation of any app to your computer. All you need to do is check out the wide selection of scratch card games in demo mode from the top names in the industry. Enjoy the best casino games now.

Scratch card rules

A classic scratch card is a simple game that is easy to understand. Players get a physical card that contains letters, numbers, and symbols. These are printed onto the card but are hidden by a section that can be scratched off.

Most scratch card games have easy to understand rules. Usually, players need to match a certain number of hidden symbols, letters, or numbers to win a prize. Scratch card prizes can be either cash sums or gift giveaways for electronics and other hot items.

Different prizes are available depending on the rarity of the symbols that are found. Lower-value prizes are easier to win while very few cards have the right mix of symbols to get the top prizes.

So how do the rules of scratch cards change when the game is played online?

A virtual online scratch card uses a random number generator in place of printed symbols to make sure the game is fair. This means that the number of prizes and symbols is carefully controlled.

To scratch a virtual card, you typically need to click or touch on one of its sections. This will either reveal all of the hidden symbols on a card, or just one section of it, depending on the game you have chosen.

If players match the right number of hidden symbols they are paid out. If there are no winning symbols, or not enough for a prize combination, the scratch card game is over.

Scratch cards betting opportunities

So how can you bet on scratch cards? What opportunities are available, and what does a scratch card win look like?

Every scratch card is a bit different, so take the time to read the rules carefully and get familiar with the bets you can make.

However, as a general guide, most scratch cards are based around a few different types of bet. Here are some of the most common.

  • Instant win scratch card bets - The easiest way to get started betting on scratch cards online is to find an instant win. This is the most straightforward game type and the quickest way for new players to get started. This type of scratch card bet involves making a single click on the virtual card. All of the hidden symbols are revealed in one go, and players know instantly if the card is a winner or a loser.
  • Multiple chance scratch card betting - A more complicated type of scratch card betting involves a multiple chance game. Rather than ending the whole scratch card opportunity with a single click, this game gives you different ways of winning. For example, you might be able to scratch different sections at different times or match different symbols or numbers to parts of your card.
  • Scratchcard line betting - If you’re looking for a change of pace from instant win scratch cards, look for a game that offers line betting opportunities. If you’ve played most virtual slot games, you’ll understand the basic idea here. A line betting scratch card means it isn’t enough to match the right symbols or numbers. You also need to match them in the right place, such as on the same line of the scratch card.
  • Combined scratch card games - One of the best things about playing scratch cards online is the fun virtual card types that aren't available offline. For example, you might be able to try your luck at a casino game that has elements of scratch card play but also mixes in Slots or cards being drawn.

The main tip is to get familiar with any individual scratch card game before betting real money on it. Take the time to find out its unique rules and bet types before upping the ante and playing with real cash.

Tips for betting on scratch cards

So how can you bet on scratch cards in the smartest way? What is the best advice for players looking to win big, or make a bet with the highest odds possible?

  • Know your odds - Are you looking to play it safe, or take a punt on a low-probability game that has the chance of a huge payout? Know the odds for any scratch card you are thinking of playing so you can match it to your betting approach.
  • Understand the type of scratch card game - Are you looking for an instant win game or something more complicated? Are you comfortable with line betting? Make sure the scratch card game you want to play is the right type before getting started.
  • Match your stake and scratch card - Even if you’re playing virtual scratch cards without real money, know the stake of the game. Some games allow you to make small, fun bets, while others let you bet big for the chance of a huge payout.
  • Choose your prize type - Different online scratch cards offer different types of prizes. Some offer cash, others offer bonus bets, and some feature gift giveaways like smartphones and games consoles. Make sure you know the type of prize you want to win so you can select the most suitable game.

Of all the online casino games available to play, scratch cards are an amazing choice for any player looking for something simple that also has the chance of a big win.

Play Scratch Cards Online in UK Casinos

All of the biggest and best UK casinos have scratch cards and other instant win games for you to try your luck on. The best deals are often saved for new players so check out out list to see what's available right now.

  • 1. Ladbrokes Casino
  • 2. Paddy Power Casino
  • 3. Bwin Casino
  • 4. BetVictor Casino
  • 5. William Hill Casino

Before you start risking your real funds, why not find your favorite scratch card by playing for free? Get started today and see if a lucky card is waiting for you.


Choose a scratch card you like online Place your bet Using the mouse, finger or a button – scratch the card Claim the prizes if any
Find games with lower odds – this will give you chance for real money winnings.
Instant win scratch cards, Multiple chance scratch cards, Combined scratch card games and more.
24/7 access Online scratch cards are some of the most inexpensive casino games Not so many risks when playing, as you do not invest large sum of money