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Craps Intro

Start playing craps right now on our website. There’s no download needed and you can play in demo mode without the installation of any software. Instead you can bet for free right now on the widest range of online craps and other casino games out there with no registration.

Craps Game Types

iconBank Craps
  • Bank Craps also goes by the name of Las Vegas Craps, as it is the game type most commonly found in the world’s most famous gaming city in Nevada. So how does this version of Craps work?

    Bank craps is played on a player VS house basis, rather than players going up against their fellow gamers. Different online games use slightly different rules, but you’re typically going to be making bets along the lines of Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come, Don’t Come, and Roll Bets. Bank Craps is sometimes also referred to as Casino Craps and typically contrasts with Street Craps where players bet against each other.

iconCrapless Craps
  • Crapless Craps is a good game variant for anyone bored with conventional craps or simply looking for a switch up. So what does this game look like, and how does it differ from the more conventional form of Craps?

    One of the main reasons to opt for Crapless Craps is the impossibility of losing on the comeout. You’re guaranteed to be in play for at least two rolls. If you’re looking to play this version of Craps, the best Crapless Craps bet you can make is placing 6 or 8, so start with this if you’re feeling unsure.

iconHigh Point Craps
  • High Point Craps is an example of the game the dice game which is both easy to learn and also offers a nice change of pace from the conventional rules.

    If you’re new to High Point Craps, the first thing to be aware of is the change of rules on your initial roll. Rolling a 2 or a 3 means the roll is completely ignored and you need to try again. Also, getting an 11 or 12 will give you an instant win, paying out at even money. The house edge on High Point Craps is slightly worse than on the standard version, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking for the best possible odds.

iconSimplified Craps
  • For players looking to get started with Craps for the first time, Simplified Craps may be the way to go, as it takes less time to learn and is easier to understand. So how is it different from the standard version of Craps?

    The essential difference in Simplified Craps is the lack of a point number. Bets are far simpler - it’s just a case of a straight forward win or lose outcome. This simple version of Craps where numbers result in either an instant win or loss is perfect to get a feel for Craps before moving onto something requiring a more strategic and considered approach.

iconNew York Craps
  • The standard version of Craps that most people are familiar with is the Las Vegas Variant, and New York Craps has its own unique identity and nuances. So what exactly are they?

    The main thing you'll notice with New York Craps is that the table layout is different from the Las Vegas version. Also, the bet types you can place are different. There is no Come or Don't Come bet - instead you simply bet on a box number, choosing from 4,5,6,8,9 or 10. New York Craps has a slightly worse house edge than the standard version.

iconDie Rich Craps
  • Die Rich Craps is one of the rarer variants out there and is one for the most adventurous and open-minded players. So how does it differ from standard Craps, and is it the right game choice for you?

    The most noticeable difference in Die Rich Craps is that the game is played with one dice only. It’s also a lot quicker than the conventional version. The table layout is different, but the betting is somewhat similar. Rolling a 6 on the come out results in a win, and rolling a 1 results in a loss. If a 2,3,4, or 5 is rolled then these are converted to points and additional rolls take place.

Craps Rules

At first glance, the rules of craps might seem a little intimidating or confusing. But they're actually a lot easier than they seem! The easiest way to learn Craps is by getting hands-on and playing. Why not give these rules a read and then jump into a free game to learn for yourself?

A standard game of Craps uses a customized table as well as two standard dice. The Craps table is marked with the various bets that can be made, such as particular numbers and the pass line.

The game starts when a player, known as the shooter, makes the minimum bet required by the table. This minimum bet will depend upon the variant of Craps being played as well as the particular rules in place.

The shooter is required to throw the dice. In a real game, they must hit at least the end of the table, but in a game of online craps, this is of course an automated process.

A round of craps involves all players making the initial Come Out rolls that determine if the game continues. Come out rolls continue until the dice show a 4,5,6,8,9, or 10. This number is the Point. When the point number is determined, it is marked on the table, and the subsequent roll based on the point number will determine if pass line bets win or lose.

The easiest way to learn the rules of Craps is to get stuck in and try a game for yourself.

Craps Betting Options

Because there are a wide variety of different Craps game types, there are a lot of different betting options available.

Here is a quick guide to some of the most frequent bets made in Craps:

  • Pass line bet - The main bet made in Craps. A 7 or an 11 results in an automatic win, a 2, 3, or 12 results in an automatic loss, and any other outcome is known as a point. A typical pass line bet win results in a payout of even money.
  • Come bet - Operates on the same rules as a pass line bet but can only be made after the point has been determined.
  • Don’t pass line bet - A reversal of the classic pass line, with a 7 or 11 resulting in a loss and a 2 or a 3 resulting in a win.
  • Place bets - Can be made only after the point has been determined. The number you chose has to be rolled before a 7 shows.
  • Field bets - In Craps, you can bet on the outcome of a single roll. Depending on the field bet you make, you can enjoy returns of evens, doubles, or three to one.

Depending on the type of Craps bet you make, and the specific game type you’re playing, the house is typically between 2 and 17%.

Craps Betting Tips

So, now that you know the basic rules and bet types available in Craps, how do you translate these to a betting approach? Which bet types should you make, and which should be avoided?

Of course, the betting approach you take when it comes to Craps depends on how much risk you enjoy and the type of odds you are comfortable with. However, here are some general ideas to help you start.

If you’re looking to enjoy the highest odds of success, you will want to make the pass line and come bets. These both offer a house edge of only 1.41%, giving you the best chance of seeing a return on your bet.

Once a Craps game is further down the line, it can be tempting to get caught up in the atmosphere and start making riskier bets. That’s fine if risk is something you’re comfortable with, but there are still some relatively safer bets you can make!

When it gets to the stage of a Craps game where you can make a place bet, opt for the 6 or 8. Why? The house has an edge of only 1.52 when you bet in this way, meaning it’s more likely to return your money than other numbered bets at the place stage.

If you’re looking for a more unusual bet type, you could consider making a don’t 6 or a don’t 8 bet. These are rarely seen even though they have a relatively good house edge of 1.82%,

Play Craps Online in UK Casinos

Why wait to start playing Craps online? The biggest and best UK Casinos are excited to welcome Craps players just like you right now. Check out as many as possible to find the Craps bonuses and games that are right for you.
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Bank craps, Highpoint craps, Simplified craps, New York craps and more.
Place Bets, Buy Bets, Lay Bets, Hard Way Bets, Put Bet, Field Bets and more.
Bet on the don’t pass/don’t come line , and then make a maximum odds bet. Bet on the pass/ come line, and again make the maximum possible odds bet
The house edge in Craps depends on the bets you make and varies between 0.8% and 16%.