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Keno Intro

Play Keno on Gameseek and you can play without the installation of any software needed and totally for free without the need to add real money. Instead you can play right now in demo mode with our wide selection of online Keno and other casino games. Bet with no registration and see if you win big on Keno.

Keno Game Types

iconCaveman Keno
  • Caveman Keno is a change of pace from the conventional form of the game. How? It uses a fun, themed presentation as well as a slight twist on the usual rules.

    As far as the visuals go, Caveman Keno uses dinosaur eggs and other graphics to fit in with the caveman theme. As for the rules, Caveman Keno selects three additional numbers for you before the action takes place. These three numbers are separate from the ones you chose. If at least two of these numbers show up among the draw, you win a multiplier for any winnings due to you on that round.

iconCleopatra Keno
  • Cleopatra Keno is a twist on conventional video Keno. Unlike some other Keno variants, Cleopatra Keno changes the game in a very simple way.

    When playing Cleopatra Keno, you are rewarded if the final chosen number in any round corresponds with a marked spot on the board. What prize is received? You are given an additional 12 chances to play Cleopatra Keno, and any winnings that occur during those games will be subject to a multiplier bonus. This makes Cleopatra Keno a great choice for players looking to try their luck for free and win more in the process.

iconKlub Keno
  • If you’re looking to play a simplified and easy to bet on version of Keno, Klub Keno might be the game for you.

    Klub Keno is quicker to play than conventional Keno due to a more limited number of total balls and chosen balls. While many games use 80 total balls and require you to select 20, Klub Keno uses only 40 balls and allows for a selection of 10 by the player. In addition to this, there is a specially marked star ball which results in a double payout.

iconPower Keno
  • If you’re familiar with conventional Keno, you’ll definitely be able to dive into Power Keno without any trouble. So how does this version differ from classic Keno?

    When playing Power Keno, the chance to win big happens if the 20th ball drawn results in you winning. In such a case, the winnings for that particular round are quadrupled. Other than this multiplier effect, Power Keno is the same as the classic version, in that it uses 80 balls total and draws 20 of these per round.

Keno Rules

In essence, Keno is a very straightforward lottery-style game. If you're familiar with Bingo, you know the rough concept behind Keno.

To play, you select numbers from tickets. Usually, the numbers range between 1 and 80, although some online Keno games offer variations on this.

After all the selections are made, 20 numbers are drawn at random. In traditional Keno, these numbers are often drawn from a dome, similar to a lottery, but online Keno often has more creative methods.

After the 20 numbers have been drawn, players receive payouts based on the total quantity of numbers they selected, how many matches they get and the payout table in effect for that particular Keno game.

Now that you know the basic concept behind Keno, what are the specific bets you can make?

Keno Betting Options

Although Keno is a simple game, the fact that there are 80 potential numbers to choose from, and the ability of the player to pick different quantities and combos, means betting is less straightforward than it might first seem.

Here is a full guide to the bets you can make on a round of Keno.

  • Straight Ticket. The most simple form of Keno betting. A ticket has only one selection of numbers, and you pick from this single group. The bet is valid for one drawing only before a fresh ticket is needed.
  • Way Ticket. This has several groups of numbers rather than just one. This lets you make multiple bets on a single round of Keno.
  • Split Ticket. Similar to a straight ticket, but featuring two bets of that type on one ticket. Often, this prevents the same number being used in both bets, so many players will opt for two separate straight tickets instead.
  • Combination. A way to make multiple bets on a single Keno ticket by selecting a series of numbers as normal but then dividing them into two or more groupings.
  • Progressive. Various forms of progressive Keno exist in which the jackpot grows over multiple games.

Online Keno has a lot of different game types. Why not try out several? This is the best way to discover the type of Keno bet you enjoy the most.

Keno Betting Tips

So how should you approach betting on Keno? Which type of bets pay big returns, and which are less likely to come in?

Before we delve deep into the ways to get maximum value from your Keno wagers, let’s consider a typical payout table to guide you in the numbers you select.

Although 20 numbers are drawn in a typical round of Keno, players don't usually select 20. Choosing between one and fifteen numbers is more common.

Check the exact paytable for any Keno game you are considering playing, but here are some rough odds for you to work with:

  • 1 Number Selected. Evens paid if your number is among the 20 drawn.
  • 2 Numbers Selected. Evens paid on one number coming in, 9 to 1 on both.
  • 3 Numbers Selected. Evens paid on one number, 2 to 1 on two, 16 to 1 on all three.
  • 4 Numbers Selected. 0.5 return on one number, 2 to 1 on two, 6 to 1 on three, and 12 to 1 if all your numbers are drawn.
  • 5 Numbers Selected. 0.5 return on one number, two numbers pay evens, three pay 3 to 1, four pay 15 to 1, and five pay 50 to 1.
  • 6 Numbers Selected. 0.5 return on one number, two numbers pay evens, three pays 2 to 1, four pays 3 to 1, five pays 30 to 1, and six pays 75 to 1.
  • 7 Numbers Selected. 0.5 return on one or two of your numbers being drawn, evens paid on three numbers, 6 to 1 paid on four numbers, 12 to 1 paid on five numbers, 36 to 1 paid on six numbers, 100 to 1 paid on all seven numbers coming in.
  • 8 Numbers Selected. 0.5 return on one or two numbers being drawn, evens paid on three numbers, 3 to 1 paid on four numbers, 6 to 1 paid on five numbers, 19 to 1 paid on six numbers, 90 to 1 paid on seven numbers, 720 to 1 paid if all eight numbers are drawn.
  • 9 Numbers Selected. 0.5 return on one or two numbers being drawn, evens paid on three numbers, 2 to 1 paid on four numbers, 4 to 1 paid on five numbers, 8 to 1 paid on six numbers, 20 to 1 paid on seven numbers, 80 to 1 paid on eight numbers, 1200 to 1 paid if all nine numbers come in.
  • 10 Numbers Selected. One number coming in will typically pay nothing, two numbers pay 0.5, evens paid on three numbers being drawn, 2 to 1 paid if four numbers come in, 3 to 1 paid for five numbers, 5 to 1 paid for six numbers, 10 to 1 paid for seven numbers, 30 to 1 paid for eight numbers, 600 to 1 paid for nine numbers, 1800 to 1 if all ten numbers are drawn

So what is the best approach to winning at Keno?

Because the game is truly random, there is no particular method or strategy to use. Instead, it's more about trying out different quantities of numbers and seeing which approach produces the best results for you.

Some players like to pick a series of consecutive numbers, so give this approach a go and see if you enjoy it.

Also, keep an eye out for online Keno games offering special selections or better odds. Some games will allow you to automatically select the first or last 40 numbers, for example.

Play Keno Online in UK Casinos

Right now the biggest and best UK Casinos have exciting Keno games and offers for you to try. As a new player you can often win big with bonuses and special deals.

  • 1. LeoVegas
  • 2. Paddy Power Casino
  • 3. Virgin Games Casino
  • 4. BetVictor Casino
  • 5. Betfred Casino

Above all, make sure you play for free online first. This is the best way to get a feel for Keno before risking your real funds.


Caveman Keno, Cleopatra Keno, Klub Keno, Power Keno and more.
Straight Ticket, Way Ticket, Split Ticket, Combination, Progressive
Keno is mostly a game of luck but you can follow these tips when playing: Do not pick too many numbers, know the odds, use multi race cards
According to recent statistics, the luckiest Keno numbers are: 27, 3 , 35.