Keno is a well-known game in land-based casinos and has recently become increasingly popular online. Keno is a numbers game that is very similar to bingo online for free and other lottery games.


You can play online keno in many online casinos. Keno may not be as popular as slots, but it’s definitely exciting. There are also different versions of the game, the most famous being Keno Universe, Lucky Keno and others. You can also find free versions of Keno in online casinos and play for free.



The rules of the game may differ for different versions of the Keno game. In general, players must place a bet on numbers from 1 to 80.

Once bets have been placed, 20 numbers are drawn at random. In different Keno variants, the numbers drawn may be lower. In online casinos, the draws of winning numbers are made with the help of specialized software.

The players’ winnings are determined by the number of known numbers and the size of the final bet. To start playing, you need to buy a virtual ticket, which can be of different value. In some sites it is only $ 0.05, and in others it may be minimum $ 1.

From this ticket you have to choose the numbers on which to place your bet, then wait for the draw. The minimum number of entries is 2 and the maximum is 20. Keep in mind that Keno is offered by different software developers, so the value of winnings may vary.

Usually a table is included, which describes the winnings for 2 to 10 known numbers. In the Keno Universe variant by  Euro Games Technology, winnings are paid out for 4 to 10 known numbers, not 2 to 10 as in other versions. If you can guess all 10 numbers, you will win as many as 10,000 diamonds.



At online casinos you can find various Keno betting options. The most common are:

Straight bets

These bets are standard – you choose numbers and the winnings are determined by the numbers you have guessed. Some sites may reward you with a prize if you don’t guess any number.

Even / odd bets

You can bet on whether the selected balls will contain even or odd numbers. The odds are good for this bet.

Top/ Bottom bets

In this type of bet, you do not bet on specific numbers, but choose the upper or lower 40 digits. They have higher odds.


Players can also bet on a group of numbers that includes combinations of two or four numbers. In case all numbers from the combination are guessed, a bonus is provided.



If you guess 4 or more numbers when playing Keno Universe for example, you can press the “Gamble” button and enter the additional bonus level. In this case, you will have to guess the color of the inverted card – red or black. If you guess, your winnings will be multiplied by 2, but if you fail to guess right, you will lose the entire amount.

Keno is also associated with the jackpot mystery “Jackpot Cards”. It is randomly activated and the player must open 3 of 12 cards of the same suit to win the corresponding level.



Keno is not much different from bingo and other lottery games. But it still has its own specifics and individual options.

Overall, Keno can have a good return if players are lucky enough to know the exact numbers.

Keno numbers are hard to guess in order to win, but the game is really exciting. It is worth trying we suggest to start with a reasonable bet. You can play Keno for free in many online casinos and learn the game before you try Keno for real money.

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