Virtual champions are playing game of chance, which has a high risk for addiction for some people.

The idea of gambling online is not new anymore, in fact, it’s mainstream now with the wide availability of gambling websites. There are many games that you can play either free or with money. Playing our favorite games with friends and family is always a great time but how do you know if it’s safe to gamble?

A virtual champion is an artificial intelligence or a bot that can be used as a coach and trainer.

Virtual champions improve the performance of athletes. The best example of this is DeepMind and AlphaGo’s collaboration with the world’s top Go player, Lee Sedol in 2016. The human player, Lee Sedol, lost to an AI opponent for the first time in history.

Virtual champions have various other uses as well. They can be used for fitness programs as well as mental health programs. For example: virtual champions are being used by employers to help employees with mental health issues improve their performance at work.

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