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Lottery Intro

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Lottery rules

Unlike a lot of other casino games, lottery is an easy concept to understand, even for beginners.

The game involves a series of balls or other numbers being drawn at random. Players have lottery tickets containing a set of numbers. If the numbers that are drawn match the numbers on a player’s ticket, that player wins a prize.

Although the basic idea behind lottery games is simple, there are some basic rules to be aware of.

  • In some lottery games, players can select their own lucky numbers from the total pool of possible numbers. This is a good choice of game if you're looking to choose special numbers like birthdays.
  • In other lottery games, players can buy tickets with preselected groups of numbers. This is the best choice of game if you are willing to put your faith in the luck of the draw and don't need to play any number in particular.
  • Some lotto games draw numbers from a single pool. For example, the game may have every number between 1 and 70, and a single draw is made from this pool of numbers. This is the simplest type of lottery game to play.
  • Other lottery games require players to match numbers from multiple pools. There might be a main pool, with a larger group of numbers, and a bonus pool, which contains a smaller set. To win the biggest prizes, players are usually required to match both their selection from the main pool and their selection from any other pools. Smaller prizes might only require a main pool match.

Although the basic lottery rules are easy to understand, there are lots of different versions of the game out there. You can experiment with different numbers of pools, different probabilities, and different prize types to find the best fit for your betting style.

Lottery betting opportunities

So now that you know the basic concept of online lottery games, what are the type of bets you can make? What kind of prizes are available?

There is so much variation when it comes to playing online lotto games that you need to check out each game individually to find your perfect betting option.

  • Simple lottery games - If you’re new to playing the lottery, it’s smart to focus on finding the simplest game possible. Look for a game where numbers are drawn from a single pool. This is the best way to get a feel for lotto without having to worry about complicated betting rules.
  • Powerball lottery bets - Powerball style lotteries are one of the most popular types out there. They involve a draw being made from two pools of numbers. Typically, players need to match numbers from both pools to win big, while smaller wins are possible by matching smaller numbers of the main pool only.
  • Rollover lotteries - Rollover lotteries often have the best opportunity to win big, but also the lowest odds of success. The basic idea behind this type of lottery is the main prize rolls over and accumulates until someone wins it. For example, if the main prize was a million, and no-one won, the main prize in the next game would be two million and so on. This is the best betting opportunity if you’re dreaming of a truly big win.
  • Daily lotteries - Some online casinos and providers provide a daily lottery game. This usually has a daily top prize. If you like to enjoy the thrill of the lottery as often as possible, the daily virtual lotteries are a great option.
  • Themed lotto games - A lot of online casinos offer lottery games that tie-in with seasonal or sporting events. For example, you might be able to play a promotional lottery when a major football match is taking place, or enjoy a Halloween-themed game. Keep an eye out for these limited-time lotteries if you’re looking for something different from usual.

If you try out lots of different lottery games without having to stake your real funds, you can find the right game type and betting style before jumping into the big-money action.

Lottery betting tips

So how can you place the best lottery bet for your needs?

There is no substitute for getting stuck in and trying out different games. Before you do that, consider these quick tips to help you make better choices:

  • 1. Understand the pools - The most important thing to know is how many pools the draw will be made from. Choose a single pool if you’re brand new to the lottery, and consider a more complex, powerball-style game if you’re ready for the next step up.
  • 2. Calculate your odds - Are you looking for a fixed-odds game? Do you know your probability of winning each of the different prize levels? Study the odds of each game carefully so you know your chances of success.
  • 3. Know the game types - If you’re looking for a huge win, you want to consider finding a rollover-style lottery with a big top prize. If you want a more regular lottery experience with smaller payouts, a daily lotto game might be the best bet for you.
  • 4. Decide on your prize types - Are you looking to win cash? What about bonus bets for other types of casino games? Or how about giveaways for items like cars or laptops? You will enjoy the lottery a lot more when you find the right prize for you.

Play Lottery online in UK Casinos

Did you know you can play lottery games online in some of the biggest UK casinos?

Check out the opportunities at:

  • 1. William Hill Casino
  • 2. Ladbrokes Casino
  • 3. Paddy Power Casino
  • 4. Bet 365 Casino
  • 5. Coral Casino

If you’re ready to stop reading and start trying your luck, why not start playing lottery games for free without signing up?

The thrill of drawing your lucky numbers could be just around the corner!


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