Blackjack is a card game where players are dealt cards and then have to decide whether to hit or stand. The goal of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over.

The dealer has a set of rules that they must follow, which are different from the player’s rules. They must always hit on 16 or less, unless they have a blackjack (which automatically beats the player). If they have a blackjack, they can choose not to take another card and just say “hit me”.

There is no doubt that Blackjack is the card game that gets the most attention from those who like to visit land-based casinos or play online. The game is also known as 21, providing opportunities to win based not only on the luck of the players, but also on thinking.

Gameseek is one of the largest sites for free online casino games, where in addition to blackjack games you can find thousands of other gambling games that you can play completely free and without the need for registration. Below we present a detailed review dedicated to the casino game – Blackjack.

Blackjack is played by a minimum of two and a maximum of seven people. We would not define the game as complicated, although it hides some specifics that you have to get used to. On the road to success, you need to apply various tactics and strategies to help you congratulate yourself on success.

The rules of blackjack are extremely simple, and the main goal is to reach the number 21 or at least get as close as possible to it. If you hit the number 21 in a game, then you have Blackjack and you win. In case you exceed this sum of cards, you will be on the losing side. At the table you can face a croupier or other opponents. The idea is to learn the cards and get acquainted with the point asset they bring you. This may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not.

Four or six decks of cards are used during the game.

The most important rule is to collect more points from the cards that the croupier has, but the maximum number you need to aim for is 21. This can happen if you know which card brings how many points, and for this purpose we offer a quick reference to get more clarity on the issue: The ASO card will bring you from 1 to 11 points; The jack, the priest and the queen carry 10 points each;

The other cards in the deck will bring you the number of points written on the card.

The player determines the points that the ASO card carries, and the possible options are 1 or 11 points. He estimates how much to count this card, according to the result so far. For example, if the total number of points on the cards is 10, then the ace will have to be counted for 11 points to achieve 21, and if the points collected are 20, then you may want to score 1 point, with which help you reach the desired sum on the way to victory. The ace with 11 points in your favor is also known as the “hard hand”, and the same card you choose to give you 1 point is called “soft hand” by the players.

The casino dealer has 1 or 2 face-up cards (depending on the type of Blackjack) against your face-up cards. If you add up the value of 21, you will be able to win the amount according to the bet you made. In case the dealer also congratulates Blackjack, then there is a tie in the result.

You can use several types of positions, namely: Stand position – everyone wants a total of 21 on the first hand, but this is not always possible in practice. In this line of thinking, you can resort to a hold position that allows you not to seek extra cards from the croupier; “Hit” position – this requires an additional card from the dealer, and it can bring you closer to the sum of 21 points and the achievement of Blackjack. You have the right to draw cards several times, but be careful, as you may exceed 21 points and lose the game due to incorrect calculation of the cards you have.

You also have the option to split when two of the same cards match. The option is known as “Split” and allows you to place your x2 bet, with both hands playing individually. Separately, you are given the chance to make another – a single card and perform the “Hold” position, which we mentioned above. This approach is known as “Double Down” or in pure Bulgarian – doubling.

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