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Wheel of fortune intro

Did you know Wheel of Fortune is available to play for free right now in demo mode? You can play a massive selection of online Wheel of Fortune and other casino games right here on our website for free. We don’t need you to install any software or use real money. Instead you can play for free straight away with no registration required.

Wheel of Fortune Rules

Before you get started playing wheel of fortune, it’s a great idea to thoroughly check out the rules.

Typically, a wheel will have different slots featuring various symbols. Players make a prediction of which slot the wheel will land on before each round. After all the bets have been placed, the dealer spins the wheel. Depending on which slot the wheel lands on, the players are paid out or lose their stakes.

The sequence of a typical game of Wheel of Fortune looks like this:

Players look at the available symbols to bet on. Most wheels have common symbols and rare symbols, so players judge how risky they want their bet to be at this stage.

The dealer waits until all predictions have been made.

After bets have been finalized, the wheel starts to spin.

The wheel slows down and eventually lands on a particular slot featuring one of the symbols

Players who predicted the wheel would land on that symbol are paid out according to the house payment table

Players who predicted the wrong symbol lose their stake

The round of Wheel of Fortune is over and betting begins for the next round

Some Wheel of Fortune game variations feature different betting options such as side or bonus bets, but the main playing structure is always followed.

Wheel of Fortune Betting Opportunities

Typically, a wheel of fortune game will allow the player to bet on any symbol that is shown on the wheel.

Some games also allow players to make bets on the number of the slot that the wheel lands on, or whether the number is odd or even. Some wheels are also split into different colors and players can also bet on these.

After looking at lots of different Wheel of Fortune game types, these are the betting opportunities that seem to crop up time and time again.

Symbol betting. Some wheels contain a series of different pictures and graphics spread out across the wheels various slots. For example, some wheels have pictures of jokers, fruits, and various other classic casino symbols. To make this type of bet, players have to judge how likely it is for the wheel to land on their symbol of choice, and make a bet accordingly.

Number betting. Wheel of Fortune games are divided into many different numbers of slots the wheel can land on, and some games allow you to predict the exact number. Say, for example, the Wheel of Fortune game you are betting on has 18 slots. You could make an exact number bet by predicting that the wheel would land on number 7, just to give an example. Obviously, this type of bet has fairly low odds but potentially big payouts in return.

Odds or evens betting. This type of bet is similar to roulette, where players predict whether the numbered slot the wheel lands on will be an odd or even number. Also similar to roulette, the odds are usually around the 50/50 mark for this type of bet.

Number range betting. If you want to bet on the numbered slot the wheel will land on, but don’t want to risk betting on an exact number, try out a number range bet. This type of bet allows you to predict which range the wheel will land on. For example, if the wheel contains 18 numbered slots, you could bet on it landing between 1-9 or 10-18.

Color betting. Some Wheel of Fortune games divide the numbered slots into different colors, also similar to roulette. If the game you are playing divides the wheel into two sets of colors, you can predict which it will land on. This is also similar to roulette and has roughly even odds.

Those are the fundamental betting opportunities for a typical game of Wheel of Fortune. Some of the unique game types will offer side bets or bonus bets, so be aware of those opportunities when placing a stake.

Wheel of Fortune Betting Tips

So what is the best way to go about placing bets on Wheel of Fortune? What approach should you take if you’re looking to play it safe, or how about for players looking to win big and experience the biggest possible returns?

If you want to stand the maximum chance of winning, it’s a wise idea to make bets on the type of odds that are as close to 50/50 as possible. This is a similar approach to players looking to bet conservatively on roulette. Examples of this type of bet include placing a number range Wheel of Fortune bet that covers half the numbers on the wheel, choosing one color when the wheel is divided into two colors, or betting on a symbol when that symbol covers at least half the wheel.

If you are looking to win big, you can consider placing a much less probable bet that has a potentially higher rate of return. Examples of this type of Wheel of Fortune bet include betting on a specific number or a rare symbol that only comes up a few times on the wheel.

Play Wheel of Fortune Online in UK Casinos

A lot of the best UK Casinos online have a wide selection of exciting Wheel of Fortune games for you to try your luck at. Check out our list to find your perfect Wheel of Fortune experience right now.

  • 1. Paddy Power Casino
  • 2. 888 Casino
  • 3. Mr. Play
  • 4. Bwin Casino
  • 5. Betfred Casino

Before you jump into a round of Wheel of Fortune, think carefully about the approach you want to take. Choose between playing it safe at the best odds or risking it all on a big win.

After you know the approach that works best for you, you can check out the opportunities on the Wheel that are a good match for your chosen strategy.


Symbol betting. Number betting. Odds or evens betting. Number range betting. Color betting.
It is fun and very easy to play It requires no strategy or any knowledge There are many casino bonuses for the Wheel of Fortune game.
Place your bets on the symbols you like The wheel will spin – see the outcome and whether you have won Spin the lucky wheel again and have fun
Wheel of Fortune’s house edge varies from 8 % to 24%.