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Bingo Intro

Play bingo right now on Gameseek for free without the need to use any real funds and without the installation of software. You can choose from the best range of casino games on the whole internet right away with no registration required. Search through our selection and click on any game to begin instantly in demo mode with no download required.

Bingo Game Types

icon30 Ball Bingo
  • For a simple and easy to understand bingo game, look no further than 30 Ball Bingo. It’s one of the most popular and easy to get into versions of online video bingo. This game type is produced by the company Rival.

    When playing 30 ball bingo, it’s up to you to choose whether you want a 20, 22, or 24 ball draw. This draw is then made and you will be paid out based on the numbers you have on a 3 by 3 bingo card grid. 30 Ball Bingo has the total value of bets typically capped at a $50 limit.

  • bingo-30-ball
icon75 Ball Bingo
  • 75 Ball Bingo is a version of the game which uses a five by five numbered bingo grid. Usually, the numbers are grouped into sets of 15, and these sets are matched with different letters. For example, the letter B corresponds to 1-15, I corresponds to 16-30 and so on.

    As 90 Ball Bingo is the most popular and standard version of the game enjoyed by most players, 75 ball bingo is a little easier to get into. It’s a good choice for new players looking to get a feel for the game. Otherwise, 75 Ball Bingo works like a standard game with predetermined bingo cards and winning patterns.

  • bingo-75-ball
icon80 Ball Bingo
  • If you understand the rules and process for a standard game of Bingo, you’ll have no trouble getting your head around the 80 ball variant.

    The 80 balls that make up the title of this game are found in bingo grids of 4 x 4 numbers. This grouping of 16 numbers is called a ticket, and a strip consists of five tickets. The five tickets will contain every number between 1 and 80 in randomly assigned configurations and patterns.

  • bingo-80-ball
icon90 Ball Bingo
  • When most players think of bingo, 90 Ball Bingo is the game that comes to mind. It's the most popular version out there - both in real life bingo halls as well as in the world of online video bingo. So how does it work?

    The 90 numbers are made up of a 3 x 9 chart. Lines contain both numbers and empty spaces. To win at 90 Ball Bingo, you need one of three outcomes. The first is to get all of the numbers on a single row - this win type is called a one-line bingo. Getting all the numbers on two lines results in a two-line bingo, while the best possible outcome is covering all three rows, known as a full house.

  • bingo-90-ball

Bingo Rules

Of all the casino classics, bingo is one of the easiest game types to get started playing, as the rules are fairly simple.

Before a game of bingo is played, each player is given a bingo card. This usually has a predetermined group of numbers preprinted on the card.

The game is played as a number of different balls are drawn at random. The most typical bingo game will make use of 90 balls, but different numbers are possible. As the balls are drawn, players mark down on their card any numbers they have.

Different game types award bingos in different situations. For example, one popular type of bingo involves matching all the numbers across a single row, whereas other game types offer bigger wins for matching multiple rows or even the whole card.

No matter which type of bingo you play, the fundamentals never change. Just be sure to check out the specific bingo winning patterns for any card you’re given before the game starts.

Bingo Betting Options

So what are your options when it comes to betting on bingo online?

Most online bingo variants follow a similar system - players are given a card before the balls are drawn and payouts are made based on how many numbers, rows, or even a full card match you have.

In some game types, players have the option to choose the number of balls that are drawn in a given game. By choosing a different number of balls, the odds of your numbers coming up change, resulting in a greater or lesser payout. If you want to have this degree of control, look for a bingo game that has a variable number of balls that can be drawn.

Bingo Betting Tips

When it comes to betting on bingo, there are no real tips to offer. The nature of bingo makes it almost entirely random and there isn’t a major way to try and get an advantage.

However, like all random games, some players end up finding that a different approach seems to work well for them.

To find your personal style of bingo betting, experiment with different game types. Try the free games at first so you can find the sort of bingo you enjoy without having to risk your own money.

After experimenting with different types of bingo, you might find that your luck seems to improve in certain situations. For example, you might find a 90 ball variant of bingo seems to give you more wins than a game type with a lower number.

Some players also seem to find that certain bingo balls end up being lucky for them, as they are drawn time and time again.

Play Bingo Online in UK Casinos

All of the best UK casinos have a great selection of bingo games and bonuses just waiting for you to enjoy. Check out our list of some of the best places to play Bingo online now.
  • 1. SkyBet Casino
  • 2. Ladbrokes Casino
  • 3. Mayfair Casino
  • 4. 888 Casino
  • 5. William Hill Casino

The only way you can find the right bingo betting approach to suit your personality and style is by getting started. Why not begin today and find the best bingo bet for you?


The fewer the players, the better – play when there are not so many players in the same game. Use strategies such as Granville and Tippett.
There are many variations of online bingo such as 30 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, Joker bingo, Deal or no deal bingo and many more.
Yes, many online casinos offer lucrative bonuses for online bingo, for example, you can get up to £ 200 with 100%-150% match on the amount you pay.
Besides the famous lucky 7, statistics show that the number that players choose most is 11. The number 13 is also chosen very often.