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Carribean poker intro

carriebien pokerIf you’re interested in playing Carribean Poker, you can get started right away on Gameseek with no download needed. You can also bet for free in demo mode without any need to use real money. Check out our amazing selection of Carribean Poker games and play online without registration right now.
iconCarribean Stud Poker
  • Carribean Stud Poker is a version of the game that has a lot in common with classic five-stud poker. However, it has its unique features to set it apart and make it interesting for players.

    Unlike regular poker games, Carribean Stud Poker sees you going up against the house and the dealer. This is a more intense, direct competitive experience than going up against other players.

  • aribbean-stud-poker
iconCarribean Hold’Em Poker
  • Carribean Hold’Em Poker gives you the sense of showdown and excitement that comes with an intense one to one battle with the dealer, like in Baccarat, but with the skill of a poker game.

    Carribean Hold’Em is played with a two card hand and five community cards in a way that’s similar to conventional Texas Hold’em. It offers an exciting mix of fast-paced action as well as tactical thinking.

  • caribbean_hold-em_poker
iconCarribean Draw Poker
  • Carribean Draw Poker is the third variation of Carribean Poker available for players to enjoy. It’s similar to the Three Card Poker game loved by players all over the world but with a few crucial differences.

    Carribean Draw Poker is played with five cards and involves a face to face showdown with the dealer. Bets are placed according to the typical ante/bet/fold structure making Carribean Draw an easy game to pick up for anyone with a bit of experience playing similar games in the past.

  • caribbean-draw-poker

Winning Carribean Poker Combinations

  • Pair - The lowest winning hand possible, occurring with a hand featuring two of the same cards, such as 3 and 3.
  • Three of a kind - A three of a kind requires the player to have three of the same cards in a single hand, such as 7, 7, 7 from any suit.
  • Straight - A sequence of five consecutive cards taken from any suit. For example, a 2 of hearts, a 3 of clubs, a 4 of diamonds, a 5 of hearts, a 6 of clubs, and a 7 of diamonds would add up to a straight.
  • Flush - A hand made up of five cards from the same suit but not in sequence. For example, if you had a 4 of hearts, king of hearts, 8 of hearts, 2 of hearts, and 9 of hearts, this would give you a flush.
  • Full House - A full house hand consists of a three of a kind as well as a pair. So if you had three 8s and two 7s, your hand would be a full house.
  • Four of a kind - A hand featuring any four cards of the same rank, such as four 7s or four Jacks.
  • Straight flush - A very rare hand featuring five sequential cards all from the same suit. For example, a 2,3,4,5, and 6 of hearts would constitute a straight flush.
  • Royal flush - The rarest hand in all of Poker. A royal flush consists of ace, queen, king, jack, 10 all taken from the same suit.

Carribean Poker Rules

So now that you know the types of Carribean poker available to play, and the winning hands, let’s check out the rules.

A typical game of Carribean Stud Poker follows this simple sequence.

To enter the action for the round, players make an initial bet, known as the ante.

Players receive a hand of five cards, dealt face down on the table.

The dealer deals themselves a five-card hand with one card showing face up.

Players can check out their own hand and decide whether to place an additional bet, on top of the initial ante, or fold.

The dealer checks their cards, and either opens their hand or the game ends there.

If the dealer is unable to open their hand, the player is paid out 1-1 on their original ante and has their extra bet returned to them as a push.

If the dealer does open their hand, the game becomes a showdown between the players hand and the dealers.

If the dealer has the stronger hand, the player loses their stake.

If the player has the stronger hand, the ante bet is paid out at 1-1 and and the additional bet is paid out according to the value of the player’s hand.

That’s the basic structure for a round of Carribean Stud Poker. We will now take a look at the betting opportunities and returns that come from putting together a winning hand.

Carribean Poker Betting Opportunities

The best betting opportunity for Carribean Poker comes from putting together a rare hand and receiving a return on the additional bet made after the ante.

Every game has its own payout table, but a typical return for a winning hand looks like:

  • - Royal Flush paid out at 100 to 1
  • - Straight Flush paid out at 50 to 1
  • - Four of a Kind paid out at 20 to 1
  • - Full house paid out at 7 to 1
  • - Flush paid out at 5 to 1
  • - Straight paid out at 4 to 1
  • - Three of a kind paid out at 3 to 1
  • - Pair paid out at evens

Carribean Poker Betting Tips

So what kind of playing style and approach is the best way to bet on Carribean Poker?

If you’re looking to play with the highest chance of winning, avoid the progressive bet in Carribean Poker. It might produce a big payout from time to time, but it’s not a good idea to play regularly.

When you see your hand, if you have at least a pair, be sure to stay in the game. Make the extra bet and face the dealer’s hand, even if your pair is a low-value hand.

You should also decide your approach before the game starts. Know when you are going to stay in the game and when you are going to fold. Have a plan in place. This helps you make smarter betting decisions in the heat of the moment.

Play Carribean Poker Online in UK Casinos

The very best Carribean Poker experiences are waiting online for you to enjoy right away. Why not check out these top UK Casinos waiting to offer you free bonuses to get started?

  • 1. Plaza Royal
  • 2. Betfred Casino
  • 3. Monster Casino
  • 4. Ladbrokes Casino
  • 5. Mansion Casino


Caribbean stud poker is a version of one of the classic poker variants which is called the 5-card stud.
Try to avoid the Progressive bet – it has a house edge of 26%.
Most of the times the Caribbean stud poker has a house edge of around 5.2%.
One of the best Caribbean poker strategy is to raise the hand if you have been dealt a pair of higher. Always try to lower the casino’s house edge in order to win big.