Caribbean Poker Rules Caribbean Poker is played with 52 cards and up to 6 players can participate in the game. Before the cards are dealt, each of them makes an initial bet called an ante, which varies between 1 and 100 chips. The dealer then deals 5 cards to each player, as well as to himself, with his last card face down. Depending on the strength of the hand, each player decides whether to continue playing or to leave the game. If he refuses, he loses the original bet, but in order to continue he has to place a bet twice as big as the one originally made. This bet is called a bet. Once in each hand, players can request a new card, the price of which is the minimum bet. After the exchange, the dealer turns over his cards and, if there is a winning hand, announces it, and the hands of the participants are compared to determine who the winner is. If the dealer does not have a winning combination, players receive winnings in the amount of the initial bet. In any case, the best hand wins, but if there is a match, the win is given to the player with the highest cards. What are the winning combinations in Caribbean poker? Ace and Pop brings the smallest win, which is the ante bet and 1 time the bet amount. Pair is the next winning combination with the same payout. 2 Pairs bring profit from the ante bet and 2 times the bet amount. The triple (three identical cards) wins the ante and 3 times the size of the bet. Street (5 consecutive cards) wins ante and 4 times the bet amount. Flash (5 cards of one suit) has a payout equal to the ante and 5 times the size of the bet. Full House wins ante and 7 times the bet amount. The box wins the ante and 20 times the size of the bet. Straight Flush wins ante and 50 times the bet amount. Royal Flush is the strongest hand in poker, with the player winning an ante and 100 times the bet amount. A game with several boxes In this version of Caribbean poker, the dealer and one player play at a special table with 5 sectors to play, and the player has the opportunity to play with three boxes at once. Each of them is played separately from the other two and a separate bet is made for each. What is special about this option is that there is no card exchange, and the player must correctly calculate his chips, because if he can not place the necessary initial or additional bet for each box, he will lose the game.

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