American Roulette is variation of online table game roulette. It’s developed by Microgaming – one of the oldest and best casino game provider in the world. It offers awesome graphics and really smooth animations… the whole gameplay feels close to the real casino games.

The differences between the American version and European Roulette is that the American have one more section – double zero (00). This sounds fun, but it lowers the Return to Player a bit – from 97% to 94.7%. Beside the 38-th sector, there is some more bets you can try on – neighbour bets which means you can choose neighbour numbers on the roulette layout.



The game starts with placing your bets. You have limited time for that – think fast! You can choose between many types of bets with different rewards. Beside betting on individual numbers, there are plenty more options, such as dozens, smaller and bigger number (below 18 or above 19), red and black, even or odd numbers etc.

When you are happy with your choice, click on the Spin button and that’s where the game begins. Wait for the ball to stop spinning and settle into one of the sectors on the table. You will be a winner if the number match your bet.

There is also a Re-bet button to repeat the spin with the same numbers.



Its time to see what the rewards are. If you decide to play safe bets, you won’t get much. Red or black, Even or Odd numbers and Smaller and Bigger numbers are paying 1:1 (2.00). Dozen or Columns are rewarding 2:1. Numbers usually pay better, but again – safer the bet, smaller the price. Six line, which includes 6 neighbouring numbers pays 5:1, Corner – 8:1, Street bets – 11:1.

Split bets or 2 numbers are paying 17:1, and the biggest price you can get is guessing the winning number, which rewards you 35:1.

Maybe its bad news for some of you, but there are no bonus features, included in the game. Actually, most of the American Roulette variations don’t have any. But, is this really a problem? I don’t think so. The game offers way more than just a jackpot or multiplier. And also, lack of any features makes the game much more realistic.



Microgaming is one of the leading providers in the world. And with games like this one, it isn’t a surprise that they are one of the best. American Roulette is what table games fans actually want… smooth game, realistic looking and nice rewards. The lower RTP compared to the European roulette may be a problem for some of you, but hey… there are several other variations to try for free.

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