Starburst is a legendary 10-line slot with a nice design, fast spinning drums and stretching wilds. It was developed by the software company NetEnt, which is proof that it is present in the sections of dozens of online casinos in Bulgaria. You can bet with real money, use the mobile betting mode via your smartphone or enjoy the Casino Robots slot for free. Learn how to participate and what are the most typical specifications of the slot in the following review.

Admire one of the best casino games that is preferred by all gamblers, namely Starburst, and enjoy while you play it. Starburst is one of the most common and beloved NetEnt slots, which you can try completely free online, without having to save, download, install or register – directly on the Casino Robots website. It is possible to play the Starburst casino game from your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or smartphone without any restrictions.

More about the game and the way of betting

The developers used a standard structure – 5 drums with 3 positions. The lines in this Starburst diamond casino game are ten, but they remain fixed, ie they are not allowed to decrease or increase.

To control the value of the final spin bet, you will need to select Bet Level and Coin Size. Buttons for both functions have been added at the bottom of the machine. You can choose a bet level from 1 to 10, while the size of coins per line is limited from $ 0.01 to $ 1.00.

Once you are done with the formation of the bet, select the round button located in the center. The reels spin, and in case of a winning combination, you will get your winnings instantly. The other two game options are: in automatic mode and participation with MAX bet. From “i” you will learn more about the location of the paylines and what are the payout ratios of all symbols.

Like other NetEnt casino games, bettors have the right to manually stop spinning the reels by clicking on them once.

Bonus levels and symbols in Starburst

The main symbols of the slot are diamonds and jewelry, but their odds are significantly lower than those of “Bar” and “7s”. For example, for 5 bar elements on a line you will get a factor of x250, while “weeks” pay x120 for the same number of characters per line.

However, making winning combinations is not the only way to win from the slot. The most solid are the gains from the “Starburst Wild” level, which is activated automatically when a wild element appears among one of the middle three reels. The wild stretches on the entire drum and remains glued during an additional free spin. If a new Wild appears, a new Free Spin is added, and the chances of a big win increase at a rapid pace.

The other important feature of the Starburst slot is “Win Both Ways”. Unlike other free casino slots, where payments are made only from left to right, here you win in both directions. You will learn more about the location of the lines from the Help section. NetEnt’s video slot comes with a return of 96.08%, and according to mathematical analysis, volatility is low.

Winnings are relatively common, the odds are not among the highest, but good gameplay, stretching wilds and payment in both directions compensate for the negative aspects of the slot machine. At Casino Robots we have added a demo version of the free online game of the Starburst slot, and we have also selected amazing betting sites where you can find this and many other slots.

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