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Texas Hold’em

TOP 3 Texas Hold’em online casinos

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Texas Hold’Em intro

Our website has a wide selection of the best casino games online that can be played for free in demo mode right now. There’s no need to register and no installation required. You can play online instantly with no download required. Simply check out the range of Texas Hold’Em games on offer and find the one that’s right for you.

Texas Hold’Em Variants

So which variations of online Texas Hold’em can you try your luck with?

icon3 Card Hold'em
  • Let’s check out how a game of 3 Card Hold’em works.
    • - As a player, you make an initial ante bet and are dealt two face-down cards. The dealer also gets two face-down cards.
    • - 3 community cards are dealt in the middle of the table, 1 is face up and 2 are face down.
    • - At this stage of the game, with 1 community card face up, you can either fold or place a raise bet of the same amount as your initial ante.
    • - Next, the second community card is turned over. At this point, you can either check, meaning you won't place subsequent bets, or you can make an additional raise bet. This second raise bet also has to be the same amount as the first ante bet you placed.
    • - The dealer then turns over the third and final community card as well as their cards.
    • - Next, your strongest 3 card hand is compared with the dealers. So what happens?

If the dealer’s 3 card poker hand is stronger than yours, you will lose your ante and your raise bets. In the event of a tie, your ante and raise are pushed.

So what if your hand beats the dealer’s?

If the dealer had a 4 pair or worse, your ante bet is a push and your raises will be paid 1 to 1. In the case of the dealer having a 4 pair or better, the raise and ante are both paid 1 to 1.

3 Card Hold’em is a great choice for poker players looking for something simpler and more straightforward than full Texas Hold’em.

  • So how about if you want to go up against the dealer in a game of Mini-Tex?

    Mini-tex is played with a standard 52 card deck. Normal 3 card poker rules are used to compare 2 hands of cards.

    So how does the game progress?

    • - At the start, you make your compulsory ante bet.
    • - Both player and dealer receive two face-down cards here. Based on these, you can fold or raise.
    • - The flop stage of Mini-Tex then occurs where two community cards are dealt face up.
    • - Again, you have the opportunity to fold or raise.
    • - The third and final community card will then be placed down - the river. Based on this, you have the chance to either fold or double your initial ante bet.
    • - Your best 3 card hand will then go up against the dealer's. In Mini-Tex, it's not possible to play the board, meaning you will have to use at least one of your hole cards.

    The dealer needs a pair or better hand to qualify to go up against you. If they don’t have at least this, even money is paid on the ante, flop and river bets, while any Play bet pushes.

    If you as the player then beat the dealer’s qualifying hand you get even money on all your bets. If the dealer beats you, you lose all your bets.

    In the case of a tie, all the bets push.

    Mini-tex is another great choice for poker players looking for something easier than full texas hold’em.

iconRiverboat Hold'em
  • So what’s it like to try out Riverboat Hold’em? The first thing you need to know is the game is played with a standard 52 card deck.

    The process of playing Riverboat Hold’em looks like this:

    • - As a player you make a compulsory ante bet. You can make an optional river bet.
    • - Both player and dealer receive two cards, face down.
  • - You can check out your initial two cards. Based on what you see, either fold, call, or raise. Your river bet is still active even if your ante bet folds.
  • - The dealer will turn over the 3 community cards, and reveal their 2 hole cards.
  • - To compare their best hand with yours, the dealer needs to qualify. This requires King-Jack or better.

If the dealer fails to qualify, your ante bets are paid at 1 to 1, your call and raise bets are pushed.

If the dealer qualifies and loses to your hand, your ante, call, and raise bets all pay 1 to 1.

In the case of the dealer’s hand beating yours or tying, your ante, call, and raise bets all lose.

River bets are paid out according to specific Riverboat Hold’em payment tables.

iconTexas Hold'em Bonus
  • If you want to play texas hold’em but with an extra bonus bet against the dealer, this is the version of hold’em for you!

    So what’s the process, and what does the bonus bet look like?

    • - Place your compulsory ante bet, and an optional bonus bet.
    • - The dealer will deal you 2 face down hole cards each, and they will get the same number.
    • - Check out your cards. Either fold, or make a flop bet double that of your ante.
  • - The dealer will then reveal the 3 flop cards.
  • - You must now either check, or place a turn bet. This turn bet must be the same amount as your ante.
  • - The dealer reveals the turn card.
  • - You can now either make a river bet, equal to your ante, or to do nothing.
  • - The fifth and final community card is shown.

If the dealer has a stronger give card hand to you, the house will take your normal wagers, but you still have a chance of winning the bonus bet.

If you win, your flop, turn and river bets will all come in at even. In the case of a straight or better hand, ante will also pay at even, but otherwise it will push.

If your hand ties the dealer’s, all your bets will push.

So what about the optional bonus bet in the game’s title?

If you placed a bonus bet, its outcome is based on the game’s hole cards, not the result of the main game.

The bonus pays everything from 1000 according to the Las Vegas pay table, in the case of both the player and dealer holding AA, down to a pay of 3 for pairs.

iconTriple Action Hold'em
  • Of all the hold’em variants out there, trip action stands out. Why? Both the deck used and the bets that are placed.

    Trip Action hold’em is played with a 28 card deck, consisting of 8s up to Aces.

    So what does the game look like?

    • - Place a compulsory ante bet to get started. You can also place an optional flop or bonus bet if you wish.
  • - You’ll get two face down hole cards from the dealer. The dealer will get two hole cards - one face down, one face up. 3 cards will also be placed face down in the center of the table. These will form the flop.
  • - Check out your cards, choose to fold or raise. A raise bet must be equal to the ante.
  • - The dealer now reveals their second hole card as well as the flop.
  • - For the dealer’s hand to qualify, it must be a nine pair or better.

If the dealer's hand fails to qualify, your ante will pay out at evens, and your raise will push.

If the dealer has a qualifying hand, standard five card poker comparison rules will kick in.

If your hand beats the dealers, your ante and raise bets will pay out at even money.

If the dealer’s hand beats yours, your ante and raise will both be lost. If the hands are tied exactly, everything is pushed.

So what about the optional bonus bet?

If you placed a bonus bet, have a full house or better hand, and didn’t fold, you will get a bonus, even if your main hand still lost to the dealer. This bonus ranges from 1 to 1 for a two pair through to 100 to 1 for a royal flush.

iconUltimate Texas Hold'em
  • Let’s check out Ultimate Texas Hold’em, played with a standard 52 card deck. It has big betting opportunities, as you’re about to see!
    • - Before a card is even dealt with, you need to place equal compulsory bets on ante and blind. You can also place optional trips bets if you want.
    • - You’ll get two face down hole cards, as will the dealer.
  • - At this stage of the game, you can either check, or make a Play bet. The value of your Play bet has to be triple or quadruple your ante.
  • - 3 community cards in the center of the table are now revealed.
  • - If you haven’t yet made a Play bet, you can make one now - up to twice the value of your ante. If you made a Play bet earlier, you can’t make another one now.
  • - The final 2 community cards are revealed in the center of the table.
  • - If you haven't yet made a Play bet, it's now or never. Either make a Play bet equal to your ante, or fold. If you've already made a Play bet, you have nothing to do here, as no further bets can be made.

At this point, it's your best five card hand up against the dealer.

For the dealer to be able to open, their hand needs to be a pair or better.

If the dealer opens, but your hand beats theirs, your blind, ante, and Play bets all win.

If the dealer doesn’t open, your blind wins, ante pushes, and Play wins.

If the dealer opens and defeats your, all your bets lose.

If the dealer wins but doesn’t open, your blind loses, ante pushes, and Play loses.

If there is a tie between your hand and the dealer’s, all bets are pushed, and it doesn’t matter if the dealer did or did not open.

So how much can you get paid from Ultimate Hold’em?

If your blind bet wins, you can get everything from 500 to 1 for a Royal Flush, down to 1 to 1 for a Straight.

Texas Hold’Em Rules

In its classic version, Hold’em involves every player being dealt two hole cards. These are face down on the table in front of the players.

5 community cards are then played on the table in 3 stages:

  • The flop - 3 communal cards are placed down.
  • The turn - 2 cards are placed down.
  • The river - 1 card is placed down.

So what does a game of Texas Hold’em look like?

As the game progresses, players fall, call, or raise. At the end, a showdown occurs.

The showdown consists of a battle between the remaining players best five card hands. Hands can be made from any combination of hole and communal cards, including all the community cards.

The player with the strongest five card hand wins the pot.

Texas Hold’Em Betting Opportunities

So what are some of the bet types and betting terminology relating to Texas Hold’Em?

  • String bet - When a player makes a bet in several motions or phases. This is an illegal type of bet as it can be done to see how other players react, for example.
  • Straddle bet - When a player bets double the size of the big blind before the flop is dealt. Big blind. Mandatory bet made by the player who is two seats left to the dealer.
  • Little blind - Mandatory bet made by the player immediately next to the dealer.
  • All-in - When a player bets all their remaining chips.
  • Betting out of turn - Bets must be made in sequence so that no player has an unfair advantage.
  • Raise bet - To continue the game and increase the size of the pot, players make a raise bet.
  • Call bet - To match the bet made by another player without raising it.

Texas Hold’Em Betting Tips

So how should you bet on Texas Hold’Em to have the best chance of winning? What are some different approaches you can take depending on your objectives?

If you’re looking for some advice to make your Texas Hold’Em betting career start off brightly, consider these ideas.

  • Don’t be afraid to fold. Don’t stay in a game for the sake of ego or pride. Fold and fold often. Only stay in the hands you think you have a legitimate chance of winning.
  • Raise to the flop. A lot of players like to try and see the flop for free. If you’re in a position to do so, raise so that the flop at least costs other players.
  • Bluff. Don’t be afraid to bluff, but don’t do it excessively as it will become obvious after some time.
  • Pay attention to the community cards. Keep in mind that if the community cards feature a pair, there’s a chance other players might have a full house.

Play Texas Hold'Em Online in UK Casinos

There's never been a better time to start playing Texas Hold'Em online. All of the biggest and best UK casinos have an amazing selection of games for you to try out.

  • 1. Paddy Power Casino
  • 2. Bwin Casino
  • 3. Betfair Casino
  • 4. William Hill Casino
  • 5. Ladbrokes Casino


Yes, there are many variation of Texas Hold’em. Some of them are: 3 Card Hold'em, Mini-Tex, Riverboat Hold'em, Texas Hold'em Bonus, Triple Action Hold'em, Ultimate Texas Hold'em.
String bet, Straddle bet, Big blind, Little blind. All-in bet, Betting out of turn, Raise bet, Call bet.
Know what you hand’s value is Try to play only the strong hands Know how to fold Know your odds
The best possible hand in Texas Hold’em is the Royal Flush.